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Meet Paul Fig

Strategic Advisor & Coach

Paul Fig is a creative and impactful leader driven to help people grow, and change their lives for the better.

Paul’s mission is to help passionate individuals overcome challenges, and create positive change that sticks. The goal is to move people to a state of purpose, focus, accomplishment, confidence, resiliency, and meaning.

Paul originally began his strategic advisory and coaching business to help real estate colleagues and clients. However, with his daughter off to college and his wife busy running a television show, Paul wanted to change his trajectory. He decided to expand his practice from a one-man operation, and build an organization and community of like-minded people with the goal of making a larger positive impact.

Many people find themselves in a “rat race”, in a constant state of overwhelm and struggle, or coasting – accepting less than what they thought was possible. Paul found that people simply need a change in their trajectory. Paul’s program is designed to shake things up by moving in a different direction that’s actionable and manageable.

Paul Fig is the missing piece to help make that change. He helps clients change their trajectory and improve self-management skills by taking action, creating consistency, and applying a little hustle. Paul does this through a combination of one-on-one client consultations, workshops, and a DIY package.

Paul’s approach entails discovery, program implementation, and results-oriented growth. From planning to execution, Paul makes the complex simple, and inspires people to take action and create a better life through positive change.


Recognizing challenges


We’re inherently primed for developing ourselves both personally and professionally. Accepting our own unique personalities, we day by day pursue a goal of being the best version of ourselves. Unfortunately in the world we live in, things aren’t as linear as we’d hope. Life presents all kinds of challenges, twists, and turns. If we do want to make a change, how do you know where to start and what to do?

Paul’s process begins by assessing what’s working and what’s not – discovering priorities and where to focus attention. Knowing that change begins from the inside out, Paul looks to build internal awareness, clarity, and confidence while identifying external systems, structures, and triggers to counteract resistance, and the tendency to retreat to the safe zone of the status quo.

You’ll design a strategy and roadmap knowing exactly where to start and how to make conscious decisions on your journey toward personal and professional improvement.

Start your discovery

Approach - Discovery
Approach - Program

Building solutions

Program Development

The definition of structure reads as, “the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.” Life can be a rollercoaster with a day filled with distractions. Email notifications, mindless scrolling on social media, financial pressures, and family demands – we’re constantly getting off course. With so many elements already moving and shifting within the blink of an eye, how do you introduce something new?

As an engineer by education, Paul understands how to surface a problem and build a solution. It’s the implementation within the human experience that creates the challenge. Paul knows the benefit of matching a need with an easy to implement program. People often take on too much too soon in an unstructured manner that sabotages themselves with sure-to-fail strategies. In contrast, Paul promotes using small targeted moves within a structured program that requires minimal use of willpower to implement and sustain.

While everyone has personal responsibility for their actions, Paul has designed his programs for maximum results.

Find the program for you

Maintaining consistency


Consistency, or lack thereof, can be the defining factor between failure and success. The quality of our results depends not on merely doing something, but on taking intentional action that can evolve and adapt overtime. We’re seeking how the accomplishment of our first goal leads to the next, and how we can repeat those missions in a dynamic environment. Distractions and challenges are a given. Experiences and results will vary. Success comes in all shapes and sizes.

With the goal of preserving long-term change, Paul combines systems, structures, and community support groups to ensure every movement is set up for success today, tomorrow, and in the years to come. Paul’s collaborative culture emphasizes keeping his community invested and celebrating each victory to promote longevity, which is critical for achieving compounded results. Unfortunately people tend to quit too early, and often right before results begin to manifest. Paul helps you get through your toughest challenges while you work to get to the other side.

Continued support and encouragement from Paul and his community all contribute to your evolution of change and growth.

Get the momentum

Approach - Growth



Positive change can happen in many ways. Paul has designed two programs that are tailored toward individual preferences and needs. Both programs revolve around four strategy modules: Fitness, Finance, Time Management, and Microresolutions.


6 Week Accelerator Program

Paul designed the 6 Week Accelerator Program to help individuals build a strong foundation to create lasting change from the inside out.

Learn more


Do-It-Yourself Program

Paul designed the DIY Program to help individuals who prefer to work independently.

Learn more


A confident and energetic lifestyle

Exercise is one of the most important habits you can develop. Paul has found that the best way to kickstart the process of improving levels of clarity, focus, consistency, passion, and confidence is through a steady fitness program. This creates a ripple effect through all areas of life; personal and professional. Some of the most successful leaders like Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Sir Richard Branson have all stressed the importance of exercise for building professional character and a confident mindset.

Paul has teamed with Beachbody to provide a solution to many of the challenges people face. The Beachbody fitness and nutritional options are cost and time effective. People often lack consistency due to the time commitment of going to a gym. While we have good intentions, physically going to a gym, taking specialty classes, or working with private trainers can present many barriers that negatively affect commitment. Paul's program, in partner with Beachbody, helps overcome the hurdles to achieving your fitness goals.



Financial fitness and stability

If a financial situation is hindering your life, how can you think about new personal or professional objectives? How does it affect your relationships? How much time do you spend trying to keep things afloat? Paul narrows in on removing the psychological cost of financial struggle - creating peace of mind - so you can focus on and prioritize what matters most.

Financial management is a solvable concern. Paul will show you how to gain control by encouraging transparency and focusing on structural and behavioral changes. People are usually shocked by how quickly they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Paul’s program sets out to develop a strong financial foundation so you can free your mind and set new goals.


Time Management

Effective planning

Time is a valuable resource, and everyone is on the same 24-hour-day playing field. It’s not enough to just be efficient so you can squeeze more plans into your day. You need to focus on what’s most important and truly impactful - quality over quantity. Productivity is the efficiency in which an individual can transform resources into goods, potentially creating more from less. Often times we overlook the resources we have available which in turn creates a false sense of being at a disadvantage. You need to be passionate and present instead of being in this reactionary mode of trying to get things done.

Paul uses the combination of all his modules to help his community realize more time and resources that aren’t typically perceived as available. Paul shows you how to focus on what matters most by leveraging the resources around you to get better results. Get more time for family, friends, and personal pursuits like travel, learning a new skill, or studying a new subject.

Time Management

Microresolutions & The Compound Effect

Change, one small move at a time

The microresolution strategy comprises of small and targeted moves that create new habits and routines resulting in big change. This counters the common approach of taking on too much too soon. Microresolutions help initiate change at a pace that promotes retention and commitment. Paul sets up an environment for success, and believes ambition is best driven by making realistic steps to reaching your goals. This practice compounds over time and ultimately guides achievements in time management, business, and relationships.

Paul helps get the momentum going by assessing what works and what doesn’t. Following this, Paul identifies small moves that rewire routines into improved behaviors that transform into habits on the right path. This microresolution strategy is the approach of making change one small step at a time, gaining momentum, and then compounding results.

Microresolutions & The Compound Effect

Start making an impactful difference today.


Diane Dorin, Estate Director & Entrepreneur

“I have peace of mind”

Getting clarity with my personal and business finances and creating solid strategies and plans allowed me to refocus my attention to income producing activities. This shift has given me the ability to now be debt free for the first time in my life. I now invest for retirement along with a substantial vacation fund. I have peace of mind and a year of salary behind me and spend more time with family. That’s what quality of life is all about …Thank you Paul.

Anthony Barcelo, Photographer & Business Owner

“Without your help I would never have been able quit my day job”

My student loans and credit cards had a stranglehold on my options. The plan to deal with debt was so simple, I now have zero credit card debt and a plan for my student loans. Without your help I would never have been able quit my day job and commit 100% to my photography business…my true passion. Running my own business is an amazing experience and I feel truly blessed with the growth this past year. Thank you for your strategy, encouragement, and support.

Laura Saade, Director of Strategic Planning (former stay-at-home parent)

“You were a big help as I figured out the next phase of life”

Thank you for years of strategy and coaching. You were a big help as I figured out the next phase of life after being a stay-at-home parent with my three kids. I’ve appreciated your insight and advice as I explored several opportunities along the way to my current dream job.

Pat Augustine, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

“This has been amazing. I’m so glad I joined you on this journey”

This has been amazing. I’m so glad I joined you on this journey. I had my physical today and my doctor flipped out. He couldn’t believe I had lost 23 lbs. Between travel and my various business interests, I let the fitness get away from me. Funny how awareness and consistency make such a difference. Feeling great and plan to keep at it.

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